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What type of project do we consider?

We exclusively focus on providing funding solutions to luxury residential and branded hospitality property developments, both single and multi-unit. We consider projects ranging in time from 12 weeks to 3 years.


What is the typical project size that we target?

We seek to provide financial solutions to projects between £5m - £100m.



London and the South East of England with capability overseas.


Developer profile?

We work alongside experienced, profitable and sustainable developers with an extensive track record of creating outstanding, best in class, luxury residences.


What are our key USPs?

  • Owner managed so fast decision making from senior, experienced people
  • Detailed local knowledge of our development locations alongside a deep understanding of international buyer habits and tastes
  • Access to hard to find finance and terms
  • Ability to design a financial solution from the ground up to make it seamlessly fit a project
  • A team containing property and financial professionals


Soane’s track record?

Since 2006, members of the Soane Capital team have successfully provided financing solutions for in excess of 20 luxury residential property developments in the UK and overseas.


How quickly can we provide a decision to fund?

Upon receipt of a detailed development appraisal and all required due diligence items, we will usually indicate interest within 48 hours.


Any key lending/funding parameters?

Each project is assessed on its own merits. Recent deals have varied from a 50/50% joint venture basis to 100% funding. We have access to a wide range of funding sources and are not reliant upon one bank, fund or private family. We generally seek a material commitment from a developer.


What is the typical legal structure around a project?

For each property development a company is formed by way of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The asset sits within this company, of which the investor(s), the developer and typically Soane are shareholders.